Q: Where did the name "Maybe a Cupcake" come from?

A: The name "Maybe a Cupcake" comes from a stamp that I have that says "Maybe a cupcake will help?" This stamp goes on the back of every card I make because I believe that cupcakes (and homemade cards) help in every situation.


Q: How did you get started in card making?

A: I first started making cards in college and I would draw funny cartoons on the front that were specific to whoever I was giving the card to. After I graduated, I started my first job in the real world at a residential facility for adults with mental illness. One of the weekly groups we offered was arts and crafts, and the staff would often make cards. That winter I bought my first plastic 12"x12" container and vowed that my paper collection wouldn't get bigger than that (ha!). It was around that time I went through one of life's rough patches, and found that card making was a great method of self-care. There is something about organizing all of the elements of a card that is very therapeutic and calming, so even though that rough patch has smoothed out, I still use the cards as a way to center myself.

Q: Is every piece of every card made by you?

A: Ah, you caught me. Technically, no. I often use embellishments on the cards (stickers, rub-on transfers, glitter glue) that have been assembled by someone else, but ultimately, everything gets arranged on the card by me. I am working towards the point where I am doing more myself (I have started embossing my own paper), but it's a slow process.

Q: Are all of the cards featured on your website available for purchase?

A: I do my best to keep the online store as up-to-date as I can, so that should reflect cards that I have on hand. There are more that I have on hand that I don't list online due to very low quantities, so if there is something specific you are looking for, please let me know. All of the cards shown on this website are cards that I have made, and the majority of them can be made again if I don't have them on hand. There are a limited number of designs that would not be able to be replicated due to materials (like unique paper or embellishments) no longer being available. There have been a lot of times that I don't think to make a certain type of card (like baby shower or wedding) until someone contacts me asking for some, so if there is something you are looking for that you aren't finding, please reach out using the "Contact" page above.

Q: Man, these are some great cards! How can I go about purchasing one or a few?

A: There are two options for purchasing cards. The first is to buy them online through the online store set up on this website; this transaction is facilitated by Stripe (an online payment system) and requires a credit card. The second is to contact me if you prefer to use PayPal/Venmo, cash (this requires in person transaction), or check (this option is reserved for individuals that I know personally).